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Mobile Ticketing Mobile Ticketing AppE-Commerce is becoming the standard for purchasing since 1995 when eBay and  Amazon came on the scene. Since then most consumers have become very comfortable  with purchasing products online. Internet sales are projected to be close to  $180 billion in 2010.

With this shift from conventional sales to  e-Commerce the ticketing industry is also in a transition. In the past if you  wanted to attend a concert or see your team in the playoffs in order to get the  best seats you had to camp out in front of the venue or stadium a day or two  before they went on sale.

Now, with the internet that is no longer the  case. Today you go online and purchase your tickets. However, with the  introduction of mobile devices such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iPad and  iPhone, Mobile Ticketing is becoming the standard whereby fans can purchase, pay  for and download tickets for sporting events, theatre and concerts.

Mobile Ticketing is a new technology that allows consumers to purchase  their tickets to events using their cell phone application and have them  delivered and stored until used at the concert or sporting event. This can even  work for train, bus and plane tickets along with purchasing items from a vending  machine.

The way this works is that your phone receives a special  barcode that is scanned at the event. This will only work on phones that are  Multimedia Messaging Service [MMS] or Wireless Application Protocol [WAP]  equipped. To be sure your phone is enabled if it is a camera phone or has web  browsing capabilities then it meets this criteria.

But do not despair if  your phone is not one of those. If you have SMS [Short Messaging Service] you  can still receive a text message with an alphanumeric receipt for your purchase.   However, this technology is going out of favor because of the security issues.

Here’s How To Purchase And Use the Tickets:

1. Open the iPhone  or Android App on your phone.

2. Browse for the event you want to  attend. Usually on the home page of the app there are icons for Concerts,  Sporting Events and Theatre.

3. Buy your tickets and choose the Mobile  Ticketing as your delivery option. You can also have them delivered by other  conventional means but this negates the convenience of storing the tickets on  your phone.

4. Enter your Mobile Carrier, Cell Phone Number and if asked  the Cell Phone Model.

5. After completing the order you will receive a  receipt message with the special barcode image. If your phone can only accept  text messaging then you will receive an alphanumeric code that is manually  entered at the event. For some venues this may require entry through a special  entrance.

6. Keep the message and do not delete it as this is your  ticket. The good news is that if you do not have it at the time of entry the  original ticket barcode can be cancelled and reissued in a matter of minutes,  but this is a delay and negates the convenience of this technology.

7.  When you get to the entrance at the event have the barcode ready to be scanned.  Most venues now have the scanning capabilities in place already as they scan the  barcodes on paper tickets and “Print-At-Home” tickets currently.

This  new technology will make the purchase and use of event tickets a much more  enjoyable process. It will make it easier and less costly for all involved and  well as well as help the environment with the elimination of Paper Tickets.

Juniper Research, the specialist in identifying and appraising high  growth opportunities in mobile telecommunications, content and applications  sectors, conducted a study of the mobile commerce market. They have forecast  mobile ticketing transactions to exceed $100 billion as soon as 2012, which  could be a little more than double the market in 2010.

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